Fish Market- Maldives


Although the squeamish may well object to the buckets of entrails or the very public gutting of fish going on all around, the Fish Market should not be missed. This is the soul of Male – and it’s great fun watching the day’s catch being brought in from the adjacent fishing harbour. Look out for some truly vast tuna, octopus and grouper. Maldivian women don’t usually venture into these areas, although foreign women walking around won’t cause any raised eyebrows.As the name suggests, the Male Fish Market is a market selling fresh fish and seafood. Though what is unique about this market is that you can find almost any kind of fish here. 

The market is very vibrant and colourful and is a great place to watch the life of Maldivian people up-close. The Male Fish Market is also a great place to take photographs and none of the shopkeepers mind if you take pictures of their wares.



Maldives Fish Market

Lat: 4.180093765 - Lng: 73.509513855