Fish head


Arguably one of the world’s best dive spots, Fish Head is situated in North Ari Atoll and offers divers the opportunity to see a large school of grey reef sharks, along with other marine life like fusiliers, large Napoleons and hungry barracuda. This dive site also features stunning caves, black corals and undersea rock formations.Mushimasmingili Reef also knows as Fish Head is protected by the Maldivian government.  No anchoring, no fishing, no collecting of shells or coral allowed.  This is the most famous diving spot in our area and one of the most famous in the whole of Maldives.  It is a coral hill (Thila) lying on a sandy bottom at 40 meters, the top of this hill being at 8 to 12 meters.  It is inside the atoll but in front of an important channel of the atoll, so the current can sometimes be really strong at Fish Head.  Due to the strong current and it’s position, the dive is spectacular.  There are lots of caves on the sides with a great variety of marine life hiding in them.  The current pleases a school of grey reef sharks, all females, as well as an incredible quantity of fusiliers and other schools of hunting fishes like big snappers, tuna and jack fishes.  It is sometimes dark at 12 meters and difficult to see the surface under a real roof of glass fish.  The hunting sessions are where Jacks, Giant Trevallies and other predators dart in to catch the glass fish and the fusiliers are impressive.
The main attraction is the quantity of fish on this reef.  Fish soup would be the correct term here, variety, quantity, quantity and more….it’s often impossible to see your buddy only a few meters away due to a wall of fish.
The side attraction is a couple of napoleon fish, very curious and friendly.  One is a huge male with an impressive forehead very reminiscent of the fish given name.  Besides all this we see schools of batfishes, white tip reef sharks, barracudas, a turtle, moray eels and stone fishes.
This is a perfect spot for all kind of divers, from beginners to experts.  This is one of the dives we record on video for our guests.  Absolutely fantastic!!!



Maldives Fish head

Lat: 3.958791494 - Lng: 72.913017273