Utheemu Gandavaru


Located on the Utheemu Island on the Haa Alif Atoll, Utheemu Ganduvaru is the birthplace of the Maldivian hero Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu. The Sultan alongside his two brothers is remembered to have fought a war to evict the Portuguese from the island for fifteen years. Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu is undoubtedly the greatest hero the Maldives has ever known and many young boys over years have been inspired by his heroic acts. Decades ago many young boys grew up battling make believe enemies on the beaches like Mohamed Thakurufaanu and visiting the Utheemu Ganduvaru which has a close link with this hero was a dream come true for many. The island houses the wooden palace in which the sultan grew up with his family and the property has been very well maintained over the years and reflects on the lives of the affluent many years ago.

For many holidaymakers the island of Maldives is about the sunny beaches and luxury resorts, however, you can take a break from the monotony of your relaxing holiday to visit historically significant attractions such as the Utheemu Ganduvaru. If you stay at a Maldives luxury hotel such as the Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives you can join an organized tour to visit this significant property in Utheemu Island.

The Utheemu dynasty was created in 1573 when Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam became sultan of the Maldives. This dynasty was obviously named after the Sultan’s birthplace. After Thakurufaan, eleven more sultans’ rules the dynasty, which ended in 1962. The sultans of the Utheemu Dynasty included Sultans Muhammed Imaduddin I (1632 to 1648 AD), Ibrahim Iskandar I (1648 to 1687 AD), Kuda Muhammad (1687 to 1691 AD) and Mohammed Moheyeddin (1691 to 1692 AD) all of whom descended from this island.

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Maldives Utheemu Gandavaru

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