HP Reef


HP Reef in Maldives is a marine protected area located to the north of Girifushi in North Male Atoll. HP Reef is a stunning reef with spectacular caves and crannies decked up with superb coral formations and rich colorful marine life. You can swim through a huge cave following to the top of the reef known as 'chimney' at 24 meters. Blue delicate corals beautifully decorate the cave. Spot rainbow runner, dog-toothed tuna, barracuda and blue-fin jack playing around. You will also sight gray reef sharks and eagle rays.
Myriad species of emperor, bannerfish and angelfish are also spotted on the upper surface of the reef.
Current can sometimes be deceptively strong. So care should be taken while diving. HP Reef in Maldives act as a window to watery realm and beckons earnest divers to greet and have face to face encounter with numerous life breathing beneath the deep blue sea. Watch schools of blue fin trevallies. The dive site offers everything to dive enthusiasts from overhangs, crevices, caves, peaks and drop offs. HP Reef in Maldives offers a great package of unlimited fun, excitement and adventure under the water.

Source: http://www.tourisminmaldives.com/dive-locations-in-maldives/hp-reef.html


Maldives HP Reef

Lat: 4.266254902 - Lng: 72.989799500