Moofushi Island


Moofushi (pron. Muufuʂi , senz'accenti tonics, the Maldivian moo , "root" and fushi , "island" = "Island Roots") is an island of the Maldives , which is located in the west-central area of ' Atoll Ari , a couple of miles from the outer barrier of ' atoll ; Island, site of the tourist resort, is situated at the side of one of the pass ( Moofushi Kandu ) best known by divers for the richness of pelagic fish in transit. The reef Moofushi however suffered heavily as coral bleaching occurred in 1998 and has not yet recovered completely.

From an administrative point of view is part of ' Alif Dhaal Atoll 



Maldives Moofushi Island

Lat: 3.884782314 - Lng: 72.728187561