Huvadhoo Atoll


Huvadhoo Atoll ( 'Huvadu Atoll' in the Admiralty Chart) is the largest of the Maldive atolls and also the world's largest atoll (not taking into account the mostly submerged Great Chagos Bank and Saya de Malha Bank). It measures 79 km from north to south, embracing an area of about 2,900 square km. Huvadhu Atoll is fringed by a well-defined and almost continuous rim-reef. The exterior islands, formed in general of coral boulders on their seaward side (futtaru) and sand on the reef’s inner face (etherevaru), are string along the east, south and SW sides of the atoll. There are over 230 islands with 30 sandy islands in the centre of its lagoon, more than any other atoll of the Maldives. The 32 km stretch between the channels of Kaadedhoo Kandu and Fiyoaree Kandu alone has 77 islands, only 5 being inhabited and many unnamed. The atoll's lagoon is open and very free from reef patches, although some precipitous shoals approach the surface. The lagoon bottom is covered with sand and has a maximum depth of 50 fathoms (91 m), being on average deeper than any other lagoon of the Maldive Atolls. It is a relatively isolated atoll with the 97 km wide Huvadhoo Kandu (Suvadiva Channel) to the north and the 49 km wide Addoo Kandu (South Equatorial Channel) to the south.

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Maldives Huvadhoo Atoll

Lat: 4.038839817 - Lng: 72.919021606