Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunub


Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi (Southern Nilandhe Atoll) is separated from Northern Nilandhe Atoll by a 6 km wide channel. It is larger than its northern neighbor, with a length of 38 km. It is separated from its northern sister atoll by the narrow channel called the Dheburudheetheree Kandu. Its shape is slightly oval, with some barrier reefs that are quite straight in the eastern fringe. There are 21 islands, but only two or three are on its western side. The lagoon is comparatively open, with few, but relatively greater farus as well as a few small coral patches or shoals (giri); average depth 27 to 35 fathoms (49 to 64 m), muddy bottom. Part of the Dhaalu Atoll




Maldives Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi

Lat: 3.884849072 - Lng: 72.728195190