Felidhe Atoll


Felidhe Atoll has a very irregular outline; it is surrounded by continuous barrier reefs, or by small patches with vilu separated by narrow passages. Felidhu Atoll has only 10 islands even though it is quite large. The Atoll’s western “horn” is devoid of islands and almost completely enclosed. Its eastern cape (Fottheyo Muli) is the easternmost geographical point of the Maldives. Both this cape and the westernmost point of this atoll (Fussaru) are dangerous for local navigation. Many ships plying along the route between Malé and the Southern Atolls, have been lost in these treacherous reefs. The distance between both points is 57 km. The inner lagoon is open with few reefs or shoals. Its general depth is of 40 fathoms (73 m); hard bottom of sand.

Resorts ( Dhiggiri)

Fulidhoo Lapperia

LuaU beach inn 

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felidhu_Atoll


Maldives Felidhe Atoll

Lat: 3.471724749 - Lng: 73.546852112