Maalhosmadulu Uthuruburi


Maalhosmadulu Uthuruburi (Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll) is 71 km in length from N to S, and 26 km across at its broadest part. Its western fringe is composed of a series of round or oval reefs (farus) irregularly placed (a feature peculiar to all the larger Northern Atolls). The centre is heavily dotted with coral patches (giri), some submerged and some awash. The concentration of giri is especially dense towards its SW quarter, close to Kandholhudhu Island (where there is the place most crowded with small reefs and shoals in the whole Maldives), but its narrower northern end is quite clear of reefs. The general depths of the lagoon are from 23 to 27 fathoms (42 to 49 m).

Activities-  Watersports , Beaching and Scuba Diving are one of the most popular island activities in the Raa Atoll. 



Maldives Maalhosmadulu Uthuruburi

Lat: 5.616666794 - Lng: 72.916664124